SP2HTML version 1.0.3

Instant Chess Tournament websites at the click of a button!

sp2html is a tool for automatically generating websites for chess tournament coverage.  It is designed to be used in conjunction with Swiss Perfect, the automatic pairing program by Robert Rozycki.  sp2html is an independent program, and is not officially associated with, or endorsed by Swiss Perfect.

sp2html automatically creates pages for:

sp2html is still in development.  Please send any comments or suggestions to the address below.


Note on version numbers:  Minor version changes (e.g 0.51) will only be downloadable as an executable. If you want the most current version, you may need to download the installer, install the program and then download the current executable and copy it over the previous version. If you already have a working version of sp2html installed, you may only need the executable.

Note that some installer bugs were fixed in version 0.5 (uninstall information should now be correctly installed, and the Start menu will be correctly adjusted), so you may wish to reinstall the whole package if you have an earlier version of the installer.

Other sp2html users:

The following clubs and tournaments have used (or will be using) sp2html:

Sample Websites:

These sites were created using sp2html, without any extra editing.

ACT Open 2004

Victorian Masters 2004

New in 1.0:

New in 0.8:

New in 0.53:

New in 0.52:

New in 0.51:

New in 0.5:



To use sp2html, you simply need access to the Swiss Perfect save files, <tournament name>.trn and <tournament name>.sco.  Select the .trn file in the "Open" dialog.  Then choose an output directory, using the "Browse" dialog to select the output index file (note that sp2html will create a number of files, so you will probably want a dedicated directory for each tournament).

Select field options, fonts, colours and tiebreaks, and click "Generate HTML" to make your website.

Simply upload the output directory to your webspace, and you are ready to go.

You are, of course welcome to edit the HTML in order to integrate the pages into another site, or to modify the formatting.  I would only ask that the "generated by sp2html" tagline not be removed.

Please note:

With the ability to fully customize colours and fonts comes the ability to generate some truly grotesque webpages.  Please use the power wisely!



I am very happy to recieve feedback on sp2html at this stage.  Please let me know:

Jonathan Paxman, January 2007.